Make all employees comfortable and efficient with Microsoft 365

With Nordic Workplace 365, we make it timesaving, safe and efficient to work with Microsoft 365, so you can get all your employees on the digital journey.

… also those who are not comfortable with IT in everyday life.

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User-friendly and simple way to use Microsoft 365

Are you familiar with OneDrive, Word and Teams and are having a hard time getting everyone to use it – the right way?

We have gathered the most used functions on one platform.

By visually making the user interface simple and intuitive – tailored for eached customer

In other words, we’ve cut away everything superfluous and made everyone IT-savvy.

Get access in less than 30 seconds

If you want to try how simple our solution is, you can get access in less than 30 seconds without obligation. Coming soon.

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Here’s exactly what you get when you use our platform with Microsoft 365

Minimize errors by using Microsoft 365

When you use our simple user interface, you minimize the risk of errors.

Big buttons, easy names and no convoluted paths to what you’re looking for.

Role-based access

Only let your employees see what they need to see, and only give them access to what they need in their role This applies to everything from files, links to documents.

Available everywhere

The only thing Nordic Workplace 365 requires is a browser and an internet connection.

Everything is automatically synchronized in the “cloud” while you work, so you can seamlessly switch from the mobile phone in the “field” to the computer in the office.

Easy customization of the user interface

Easy customization with new “tiles” and buttons that are relevant to your business.

Only one version of each type of template

Always the latest updated versions of templates available to users, so you don’t risk using outdated versions.

Get all employees on the digital journey

The user interface has been created to make the working day easier for your employees.

Especially for those who are not comfortable with IT or Microsoft 365 in everyday life.

One entry for everything

Now your employees don’t have to keep track of all usernames, codes, programs etc. Here they get it all in one place.

Avoid duplicate documents

With our user interface, we have ensured that you only have one file per document and not end up with many different versions with the risk of either overwriting or editing the wrong document.

Confidential documents

Ensure that only employees and the right people in the company have access to confidential documents such as employment contracts, and other similar documents

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Get answers to the most frequently asked questions here

If you do not find the answer you are looking for, please feel free to contact us.

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Do more Microsoft licenses need to be purchased?

No. You make use of the licenses you already have. So no additional licenses need to be purchased.

Should you have more users or logins?

No. You can continue with the number of users you already have on Microsoft 365 and we will cut the number of logins down to just one.

Is data safe with employees and do they have backups?

All data is in the cloud, so nothing is stored locally with the employee.

You can continue to use the devices you already use.

No. You can continue to use the devices you already use. Whether it’s smartphone, tablet, desktop or all three.

How quickly can you learn to use Nordic Workplace 365?

Quickly! The whole purpose of Nordic Workplace 365 is that it does not “have to be learned”. It is intuitive, clear and simple.

Can you use your own device?

Yes, it just requires access to the internet.